Joyo de Nicaraugua just in for the strong cigar smokers – the new ass kicker is here. Full bodied love!

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Hello, readers! As we enter the wild world of blogging, we want to let you know about the bloggers here at Broadway Cigar Company (BCC).

Jason Lee is the owner of Broadway Cigar, and he’ll be posting news items about the shop and lounge, as well as his personal reviews of cigars – exciting new arrivals and classic favorites.

Juliette Odbert is BCC’s biggest supporter and the occasional Sunday hostess at the shop. Her unique perspective and skill with the written word make her a welcome and talented addition to the BCC Cigar Blog.

Finally, the Staff @ BCC will post occasional anecdotes from the shop, mini-reviews and news, as well as anything that catches our eye ’round here and gives us a laugh, a moment of reflection or a pause of appreciation for Portland, for cigars or for our friends.

Thanks for joining us online!

– The Staff @ BCC

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Cigar shop e-blast w/ info about the upcoming Punch event will be released on Thursday! Sign up for your copy at

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Welcome, supporters and friends of Broadway Cigar Company! Let the blogging begin.

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