How to Pick a Humidor

At our latest event, we gave away a humidor to one lucky winner-

Congrats again, Moose from Molalla!

A fine cigar will stand the test of time (and even improve as it ages) but only if someone is taking good care of them! If you have a stash of cigars that you are saving for a special occasion, having a humidor is a good way to ensure that cigar remains in tact.

Here are some quick tips about what to look for in a quality humidor:

  • A tight seal to hold humidity between 70 and 75%. Check the seal on your humidor by dropping the lid a few inches to see how it closes. If it lands quietly, the seal is in tact as there is a cushion of air. If it slams shut, there is no seal.
  • Ask for a box with a Spanish Cedar lining, which is less fragrant and thus less likely to interact with the flavor of your cigars. This isn’t necessary, but it has become the industry standard.
  • Make sure the walls are at least a half inch thick, as this provides a more stable environment for the cigar.
  • Season your humidor for at least 3-5 days to allow for the lining to absorb water and be accustomed to the heightened humidity.
  • Fill you humidor with your favorites!
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