Torano 1959

The Torano Exodus 1959 is a torpedo-shaped cigar that’s been getting a lot of buzz lately in the shop.

This cigar is named in honor of the exodus from Cuba in 1959 by major cigar families and manufacturers in lieu of the US embargo and Castro’s growing power.

The chocolate-colored wrapper is dark and oily in the Habana tradition. This coloring belies the flavor of the Torano 1959- notably chocolaty with a bit of coffee mixed in there, and ranging from that dry, dark chocolate flavor to the sweetness of a true milk chocolate.

Part of the complexity behind this smoke is the contribution of five different countries found in the filler: Dominican, Honduran, Mexican, Nicaraguan and Costa Rican flavors mingle and compliment one another.

Overall a quality smoke with great detail. The last notable characteristic of the Torano? Loose ash- so don’t go to this cigar to win our longest ash contest!

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Montecristo’s tradition of being one of the world’s most in-demand names continues with the addition of a bolder, richer element: the White.

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